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Young Gun
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Making a Wolverinve MTW a DMR beast.

Hello there!

I am very new to the HPA scene. I currently run an upgraded VSR but would like to switch to DMR and use the Wolverine MTW as a base. Everyone I talk to recommended this. What are your recommendations for the build. Mostly looking for suggestions on the Barrel and hop. everything else seems to be taken care of by the MTW.

I would like:

An effective range of around 80-90 meters shooting .4s

-For it to be as silent as possible

-Preferably for the gas tank to be in the stock (must be able to shoot over 800 shots)

-Little variance of FPS

-440 fps shooting .2s

My budget is 800 - $1050

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Old 12-22-2019, 07:26 PM   #2
Advanced Sniper
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Im interested in this as well. They're built 30 mins from me and it seems to be the best system for a buy once cry once DMR.

They have an air tank stock option now, so that'll be easy for you.

The rest of your list will be easy to take care of on an HPA set up as you can change fps (PSI) at will. The main question will be which engine you use, and then I look forward to the feedback others will give on hop up selection. I'd bet many will suggest R hop since it's an AEG barrel.
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Old 01-25-2020, 11:57 PM   #3
Young Gun
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I know the stock this doesn’t have a hpa stock but my dmr still preforms phenomenally.
-Polarstar v2 gen 3 fusion engine -Amped purple nozzle -Amped purple pre shimmed poppet -Maxx/umbrella armory hop up unit for rhop -Krytac flat hopped bucking (orange) -Hop systems custom lapped rhopped 6.01 sus304 stainless steel barrel -novritsch surpressor -Angled fore grip -rail Guards -dark earth grip I really couldn’t be happier, using bls .45g bbs I shoot right at 2.9 Jules with +- 1 Fps effective range is about 85 meters without lobbing.
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Old 01-26-2020, 12:00 AM   #4
Young Gun
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 72
I bought the polarstar used, but these things never break or die. In all I spent about $800 not including the rifle and there’s not really anything I can do to make it preform in better
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