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Young Gun
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Type96 Upgrades

Hey guys! I am pretty much a noob at airsoft sniping and i wanted to ask a couple of things.. I have a E&C L96 sniper rifle and i don't know what upgrades are the best for the gun. I researched and found a couple of things but i would like to have your opinion. Thanks in advance!
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Jr. Sniper
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E&C L96s should be completely compatible with Maruzen/WELL based Type 96s

As far as hop up chamber goes, the Action Army one is the best, and combine with some barrel such as a ZCI 499mm or manually cut down a barrel to 500mm would be a good bet (alternatively get a 500 mm AEG spec custom-made barrel from PDI, but it's expensive as hell, looking at something close to 120 USD).

A more simple or brain-dead alternative is the T-N.T. studio hop up+barrel set for AWP (which is the Type 96, it's called AWP because of Counter Strike Online), it comes with a full barrel/hop up chamber/bucking/nub setup for somewhere like 120-130 USD in JK Army. Not sure how much better it is compared to the typical AA chamber (I don't have a second TNT barrel or two barrels for testing), but at least the barrel length is exactly just right and you can just put it right into the gun without working on it.

The E&C one should have their own steel cylinder set and trigger, but if not just get an AA full set or any working brands (I have two Type 96s, one uses the Raven set and one uses the AA cylinder).

No need to change the handle or the end cap as those can't be bought anyway, if they break ask for a local store if they have spare parts (though as far as durability goes they very rarely break).
My loadout:

-Main: Tokyo Marui VSR-10
- Inner Barrel: Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 428mm 6.04 barrel
- Hop-up bucking: Maple Leaf Autobot 60 Degrees
- Spring: Maple Leaf M115 For VSR
- Cylinder: Action Army "Masamune" Teflon Cylinder
- Chamber: Action Army red chamber
- Spring Guide: Maple Leaf steel spring guide
- Piston: Maple Leaf 90 degree piston
- Trigger: Action Army Zero Trigger
- Scope: Bushnell 3-9*40

-Sub: Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa

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