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TNT Barrel and Bucking compatibility

So I know the fitting between TNT bucking and fast hop unit aren't always the best in terms of compatibility. But has anyone tried doing a regular Silverback bucking with the TNT barrel to get testable results against the TNT bucking? I want to get the TNT barrell but I have a million Silverback buckings that do the job really well and I was going to just keep it the same.
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I'd like to know this as well actually.
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I've had less than great experiences with the AEG TNT barrel and AEG bucking. A while ago I compared a bunch of barrels and buckings, and TNT was the worst barrel and not a particularly good AEG bucking. If you check my post history you can find the thread I made about it.

Honestly? I don't think it's an avenue worth pursuing.

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I read your post about the TNT barrel but you were using a shorter barrel in an actual AEG platform. I am wondering about putting it into the bolt action of the SRS and using a stock Silverback bucking to fit out the FAST hop. I may just need to get one and try it out.
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No experience with the SRS. For what its worth I got the TNT chamber for my L96 and it also has sealing issues. The hop, when set at ZERO, is also insane. Overhops .48g at sub 250 fps depending on the barrel and bucking combo.

I do NOT have a TNT barrel, but the chamber and bucking are TNT. I don't think a different barrel would remedy the situation, and so far I haven't been able to get the seal to 100%. I have been able to get the fps to within 2 fps deviation though, so that is good.

At this point, I may R HOP and create a custom nub to see if I can improve the seal and get the hop settings to be more reasonable.

FWIW I've talked to some SRS users in person and most have had the best results with the stock or FAST chambers with the standard SRS buckings.
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Thanks for the tip. I have the FAST chamber from Silverback installed because it almost seems like a no brainer over that dual adjustment system. The silverback bucking is actually really interesting in that it has a portion of the rubber protruding into the hop up window, which is why I am worried about it meshing with the TNT barrel due to the odd design of the cut in the hop up window. The silverback nub actually creates almost the same effect the R HOP patch would do so you may just see if the nub from that could fit within the chamber for you L96.

The FAST chamber was made for the Silverback buckings so I know airseal will be fine, I just need something better than the stock barrel and the consensus seems to be the TNT. Just trying to figure out how well they work together before I order it and wait forever for it to be shipped to the states.
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