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Question SRS build in the hoven, help

Hello there, after finishing my vsr-10 Bolt M build I'm ready to start a SRS build, for this I'm very confused about components and even the base rifle.
I would like to know your experiences with this platform, upgrades and parts that funcction well and what are the diferences between sport and covert editions, from what I've seen doesn't seem much difference to justify 100+ price difference.

My setup will run on 1.3J measured with 0.2g.

Thanks for the incoming help and merry Xmas
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The covert is typically the “16 inch covert” making it the short version. You can also get a g spec model with like no handguard, but I think that’s preference for the style you like. Well all the lengths are really. In my opinion, the 16” covert is the best. Barrel is 420mm and you can still use a suppressor keeping it pretty short.

For mods the EdGi SAP piston is great. Tons of adjustability. I’ve tried a small variety of parts and there was some tweaking. For example you make have to massage a piston cup or fit a perfectly sized o ring in the cup head. Aligning a fast hop can be a pain. Tolerances on an a2 can be tight.

The best budget setup I always wanted to try is a a mostly STOCK srs. Get a faceless rhop patch for a stock barrel, a faceless bucking OR flat hop the silverback one. Get a Rapax spring for power and MAYBE a fast hop. But the stock hop is good. Just “can be a pain” to dial in.

I’m guilty of going overkill for an srs build. I sometimes feel that most of the parts aren’t needed. I’m willing to bet that stock setup I mention with a few parts has plenty of pontential to be accurate and consistent. The SAP is a good example. Pricey, not really “performance” oriented, more for adjustability.
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I'd just get a Stalker Designs KRAKEN chamber and whatever barrel, or a Snipetor or Faceless R-hop patch and maybe a new chamber or barrel.
For 1.3J, you probably don't need an EdGi piston or cylinder, and you can just use whatever spring and maybe some spacers to boost power.
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You can find the list of differences of sport and normal version at silverback airsoft main website.
Regard the performance there is no difference.

Since you are limited to low J you have to look at the best accuracy, with a high end barrel and COMPLETE silence.
You can check the description of my parts at the link in my signature.
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