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Ssg10 or As-02 Striker?

I’ve been out of airsoft for a few years. I had an ssg24 for plinking in the backyard a while back but sold it - it wasn’t bad for performance but it was expensive.

Now that I’m getting back into air soft with a budget, I’m wondering if I go down the ssg10 route, or plan to upgrade an AS-02?

I don’t mind spending the money on an SSG10 with the knowledge of buying some small upgrades (foam filling, guide rings, etc). The performance may need some work, but the rifle is pretty decent from what I hear.

Alternatively, I’m looking at getting an AS-02. I could get it cheaper, and upgrade it myself. I’m not familiar with the striker series. I understand the cylinders lack the volume of a VSR10, and need a special inner barrel? I’m not entirely sure.

Feedback welcome!
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SSG10 is the absolute best that you can buy.
With cleaning, sanding here and there, and maybe some shimming it will beat most people's snipers, and with a few more things it will beat even some of the high class snipers.

I would suggest you get and do the following
Rapax 2J or 3J spring
(Stock one is fine, but this is better)
Maple Leaf MR-hop 60°
(The Autobot in the gun is perfectly fine, but this is better)
Lambda 6.01 barrel
(The stock one is actually quite good from what I hear, but the Lambda is of course a bit better)
LongBowbb orange guide rings or Novritsch's extended one
(Absolute must have!!!!! Alternatively, you could make some if you have access to a lathe, or you could make some just as Blind Sniper did on his channel)
Action Army hop chamber
(Not necessary, but highly suggest it)
TRIDOS designs TDC
(Not necessary, but highly suggest it)
Masada arm
(Suggest it if you get the AA chamber and don't want the TRIDOS TDC)

Besides that,(non is necessary, but highly recommend some) it's just DIY mods and good BBs.
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