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My Collection
All the guns I've accumulated
The Collection 
Bottom to top: 
 - AGM L96 
 - G&G Mk18 
 - HFC M9A1 
 - CA Predator (Mk12)
G&G Mk18 
Currently shooting ~326fps 
Pretty much stock, except for replacement motor connectors. 
BLACHAWK! 3-point sling (tan)...
Well AWM 
Currently shooting ~ 264fps 
 - ASPUK Cylinder 
 - ASPUK Piston 
 - ASPUK Spring Guide 
 - Diamond Ring 1st Sear
AGM L96 
Bone stock, currently non-working.
CA Bushmaster Predator (My "Mk12")
Pretty much stock, with KJW Grips. It had a single layer of black painted over the original finish by TheTJ.

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