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AW338 Quick adjust hopup
My fabrication of an external quick adjust and some photos of my rifle. The design allows me to quickly adjust my hopup to hit targets previously out of range, it also creates a much more reliable, consistent accurate platform by removing the mag catch from the barrel. Higher quality photos will be up soon.
Grouping from 50+ feet indoors with harris bipod. I used .40g or .30g bbs and took 22 shots, wasn't trying to get bulls eye but do a grouping test....
Underneath the rifle body, the area where you used to adjust the hopup is now filled with foam to help reduce noise.
The mag catch locked in place(this is just V1 as hot glue will not be my final material used to attach the mag catch to the body)
a view of the lever when the adjustment screw is out.
Hopup on(this is just to show the function)
Hopup off(its actually not touching the lever at all right now I just extended the screw out to exaggerate the feature and show the function.)
The hopup from underneath, and what I used to lock it in place.
side view of the barrel, with hopup adjustment knob and hopup to barrel lock.
the upper assembly.
the Quick adjust hopup knob.
angled view of my rifle.
Side view of my rifle.

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