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Ghillie suit, and guns
This is where I have placed the pictures of My ghillie suit creation, something that I am working on and will continue to work on until I get it just right imput is always appreciated.
My newest piece, my Ares MCM700x (black) with my own custom M90 paintjob! I am happy with the way it turned out, even still I think I could have done...
This is a picture of my current ghillie set up, a ATACS FG, Viper hood by tactical concealment, and a map pack with ghillie attached, the rifles in...
another pic of the bar 10
Angel custom Omega zero triger/piston/piston head set 
Madbul VSR 60 degree bucking
Sometimes its not all ways high speed low drag with PTS, My fully upgraded Magpul Masada DMR build is probably my best go to gun when it comes to the...
After a long time of frustration the Barrett finally worked, and this... was the first day I got to use it.
TheVFC ashbury, needs a lot of work... got it non functional in a purchase from ASC "New in box" its working now, just need to upgrade it.
I just love the way this rifle looks... can you tell that I share scopes? lol
This is my rifle, Ares MSR-007 
This thing is an absolute workhorse, I have other rifles in my collection including sc barret, and VFC Ashbury, but...
this is my ghillie suite now, from what it was before, still working on the legs, but I think its blending quite well.

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