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Truckie2033 01-14-2020 09:49 AM

Sniper riffle
Hello new to the page but not as new to Airsoft. So I'm looking to get into do some Sniper action and I have a specific Riffle I want just looking for some input. I want to Go with the Barret m82 was originally thinking the Lancer tactical version but I see that Snow wolf has a spring version as well but I can not find any reviews on it other then the Snow wolf AEG version. So I'm looking to see if anyone here has any info

Myzur 01-14-2020 10:33 AM

I own the Snow Wolf AEG and unless you plan on making it into an HPA system, it is not worth it at all. I would even think the spring version wouldnt be that great because it is a huge gun that is not very maneuverable and actually kind of heavy. The goal is to be light and move without being seen and they dont really make midcaps for the gun so you get the bb maracas any time you move.

That being said it can be done. By doing an HPA upgrade and getting some proprietary parts to push your range out to 300+ feet you could just find a spot to set up the bipod and rain death down on anyone coming close to you. The HPA also let's you tune it to the specifics of the field you plan on playing at without worrying about the gun underperforming or being too hot.

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