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TexasJohn 03-30-2020 01:58 PM

The AAC T10 phenomenon
The AAC T10 hit the market with a tremendous impact...But does it worth it or is it just an other TM VSR-10 clone. I got mine , i tunned it (525fps)(cylinder
Piston.nozzle.spring.spring guide.crazy jet barel.ML 75degree jop up rubber )and i am pretty satisfied with the end result.Steady, consistent and quiet with a sturdy built are the characteristics that i give it. But since i didn't own a VSR 10 before i can't i am asking you .... You old timers, you old .308ters you tell me and give us all noobs your knowledge.After all the covid19 shit i am gonna make a comparison with my fully and complete airsoft pro cyma m24 (515fps average).Remember play safe ,call your hits ,and for now just stay at home ...clean your guns, saw your ghilliez and practice drills

Plazmaburn 03-30-2020 02:03 PM

It's more or less a VSR10 clone with a nice stock.

TexasJohn 03-30-2020 02:41 PM

Yes i know ... but is it better ... What would you buy and why ?is it the looks or are there more than meets the eye??

Plazmaburn 03-30-2020 03:30 PM

The only reason I would buy it is for the stock only. Everything else would be replaced. Internally they are nothing special.

Having some buyers remorse or are you looking for some kind of answer that will help you justify the money you spent? "Better" is too broad to objectively say if its better or not. The 2 I worked on had all the internals wrecked and were replaced with better quality parts. The stock is better then pretty much any OEM VSR stock, though that is changing pretty quick thanks to ML and Novi.

Ultimately, I wouldn't buy it. I am not spending $300+ for another VSR that I am only using for a stock, just to leave me with spare parts that I don't even want. Been there on other guns, and now I can't even get rid of those guns.

If you are looking for a VSR, then that is one I would look at. Makes a great base. Though I am sure the "Novi fandom" will swing buy and tell you that you should have just bought the SSG10 or whatever and that you wasted your money. Honestly if it shoots straight, shoots better then 90% of the AEGs you go against, and your happy with it, then your good.

1tonne 03-31-2020 01:01 AM

The T10 does have a 90 degree trigger and an OK cylinder. The hopup is good too although it is not AA's legendary red hopup, it still seals 100% and does not curve the bb's to the right. The spring, spring guide and piston all need upgrading. The T10 trigger can handle an M150 easily and should also be OK with an M170. I would not go above that for the T10 trigger. So it is still a pretty good rifle. Stock, it does beat most VSR's out there (apart from the weak fps).

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