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  1. VSR Rifles
    Hello guys, I decided to build my first VSR rifle starting with an JG Bar 10. Please note that this is my first build and I may have done mistakes, please correct me or give me suggestions for improvements. After reading the forum and discussing with other sniper...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi, I am looking to get a AA Z-trigger for my TM G-Spec and from what I have read and seen you have to make remove some of the plastic from the trigger guard to make it fit. Is this the case with the LayLax Z-Trigger and the Springer Customs? Also a side question I am looking at basically...
  3. VSR Rifles
    Hello y'all, I'm thinking getting rid of my AA HopUp for the PDI HopUp. I'm also getting their AEG cut sniper barrel. Since I had a full AA VSR-10 build, I was wondering if the PDI HopUp would be compatible with the AA Teflon cylinder & head. Thank you, Elsa
  4. VSR Rifles
    Right, does anyone currently run an action army vsr 10 inner barrel, be it the 303 or 430 length. Just after general opinions on the quality of the barrel and how well it performs.
  5. Wanted
    I have a JG bar 10. I would like to buy a action army hop up unit, Only if I can get a better deal than on GI. (shipping is the factor right now) and possibly help someone out on here. Action Army CNC Aluminum Perfect Hop Up Chamber ( VSR-10 / Bar-10 ) I would also like to possibly buy a...
  6. Maruzen Rifles
    Hey guys, I'd like to know what kind of experiences you've had with the upgrades fro Action Army on APS2 guns, namely the UTG Type 96. I could use feedback on everything in the cylinder (piston, springs, guides, cylinder) pretty much. I bought a stock UTG Type 96 and I keep seeing Action Army...
1-6 of 7 Results