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  1. VSR Rifles
    So im going to try to explain this the best i can... basically i have a action army cylinder and an orange action army piston. however, the air seal is really poor which I belive is really effecting my consistancy. (from holding my thumb over the cylinder head and shooting). Im 99% sure its to...
  2. VSR Rifles
    I've been looking with no success as to the difference in spring guide diameter and am still am a little confused with what difference it actually makes. In addition to this compatibility with part got me lost if someone could lend me a hand Id be grateful. I currently own.. Laylax Bronze 90...
  3. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hello, So my hopup is a stock action army hopup, What do I need/should upgrade to get the best performance from it. If its an item can you post a link? Thanks, Elsa
  4. VSR Rifles
    Hi everyone, been following closely all your posts, specially reiku, 1tonne and plazmaburn, first of all thanks for all your efforts to make airsoft sniping better, i apreciate your dedication, and seccond lets get in to the problem, but first my platform... Well my current platform is a TM...
  5. Wanted
    I have been looking at several different options for my hopup in my JG VSR10 and Action Army is one of them. The only thing is, I don't to pay quite that much money on it since my airsofting is mainly recreational. Im not doubting that the AA chamber is worth the $70, I'm sure it is, but if...
1-5 of 5 Results