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  1. General Sniper Talk
    what kind of airsoft content do you all enjoy most or would be most interested in watching? Gameplay videos with lots of action and kills? Or mission/story like videos?
  2. The Lounge
    Hello guys, I found that it seems to be difficult to track your team during battle. I was wondering that why airsofters are not adopting mobile app technollogy? There are some apps available in the store which allow players to track teammate location to make better strategies. Thanks
  3. General Sniper Talk
    Hi guys, newbie here. I was just wondering what scope cam would be good in this current time? I've heard about the Runcam and the Mobius so I humbly ask for advice which one I should get(which model among them too if there are many). Thanks!
  4. Others
    Howdy! This thread may be long and is planned to be used for reference to other airsofters: I have been playing airsoft weekly for about 5 years now. With plenty of knowledge and ownership on AEGs, I expanded my arsenal and bought bolt action sniper rife. - The JG bar 10. Since i'm new to the...
  5. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hello everyone! We we're stumbling around the web and we came across this forum and thought it would be a good place to contribute and and share our airsoft sniper tips. The tips were written by two long-term airsoft snipers (Zac and The STI) that we have or have had working for us. We hope...
1-5 of 5 Results