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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hey guys, I have a question related to the piston speed, acceleration, mass relationship with hopup effect. Basic data: Novritsch SSG10 A2 Barrel: 6.04 Crazy Jet 428mm Hopup system: vertical pressure TDC, screw based, with concave tensioner Hopup rubber(s): Snipetor 75° R-hop, Maple leaf MR hop...
  2. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi guys Looking for aliexpress I have come across some upgrades that with the naked eye could work in any replica of glock !. Does anyone know or have any experience with these brands? Because I am tempted to buy since they no longer ship to my country from any eastern page because of the covid...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    what kind of airsoft content do you all enjoy most or would be most interested in watching? Gameplay videos with lots of action and kills? Or mission/story like videos?
  4. The Lounge
    Hey Everyone! I've a long time airsofter in Wisconsin, and have come here to let you know that Operation Plague 12 will be happening on October 28th, 2018! This is one of Wisconsin's biggest airsoft events, and it is always a blast. Hundreds of people gather from all sorts of states to spend...
  5. Sniper Cam
    im a upcomming airsoft sniper i make sniper vids and CQB vids youtuber and more im open for questions if you have 2min you can check out my vids
  6. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hi everyone, Me and my son are new to the forum, but not new to airsoft. We have played every park from Michigan to Florida, and loved every park. We also own an airsoft web store, created to come up with the money to build more airsoft parks, so check us out. Sergeant A's Airsoft...
  7. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hello everyone! How are You all today? Well let me start out by saying that I have been playing airsoft for about 3 years now. Its been quite a journey. I started out with a AK-47 as my 1st gun. I abused the Heck outta that. than when that retired i went the DMR role. the gun what i have right...
  8. Sniper Cam
    The first time I play airsoft battle in Latvia, do you like it? I will post some videos if you subcrise me
  9. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Came across some nice looking goggles.. but it turns out pyramex and ASG both make the exact same goggle. Does anyone know which one is the original and which one is the copy? The pyramex ones seem to be rated quite high. The ASG ones have the ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166 rating. I don't want...
  10. Maruzen Rifles
    So I have a the pdi hop up unit in my gun and I'm guessing a standard bucking. I keep having problems with my bbs tailing off to about 11 o'clock at medium to long distances. And also some inconsistencies. I'm shooting some .43 bbs that aren't the best quality and could account for the all to...
  11. For Sale
    Wanting to sell my Maruzen type 96, it's in great condition and will come with one mag. Upgrades are below 1. AA zero trigger 2. Pdi hop up unit 3. Prometheus 6.03 barrel 4. reinforced cylinder 5. Barrel spacers 6. Threaded barrel 7.upgraded spring This gun is shooting pretty hot. It's in great...
  12. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Fantastic $20 red/blue/green dot sight! I have found a wonderful deal for a scope. Probably not too good for long range engagements.. Still wonderful! It has a red blue and green dot on the same scope. Each color has three brightness settings! It is not on my good rifle because it...
  13. Others
    Hello! I recently bought the ASG AW.308, and was looking for an upgrade kit, to 500+ FPS. have searched the internet for help, but nothing really seems to get me anywhere. So was hoping some of you had any answers, and possibly some link to show me. I would prefer complete kits, so I wont have...
  14. General Sniper Talk
    Please help us out by signing this petition that will allow us Aussies the same freedom of playing the sport we love! Any and all signatures are welcome. Takes 10 seconds to sign. Thanks guys...
  15. VSR Rifles
    Hey everyone I bought my self an JG bar-10 and now I want to upgrade it. But I have no idea what to upgrade. Im searching for 500 fps or less with relible accuracy. Im willing to spend 450$. Can someone help me out? I hope to hear from u guys soon. -Airsoftsniper1997
  16. The Lounge
    So I'm back into airsoft. I have 20 acres to play on with about 30 friends who play and have guns out here in the country. Here's what I'm starting out with and Id love any advice that could be given! So I have my maruzen type 96 with the following upgrades Pdi hop Prommy 6.03 barrel Upgraded...
  17. General Sniper Talk
    I've done hours of research and can't find any organized airsoft events in Alaska. Does anybody know of any events or groups in the Anchorage/Wasilla area?
  18. Non-Sniper For Sale
    I have a kjw m9, comes with one mag. The fill O-ring popped off the mag, the gun shoots but the mag only Goes about 5 rounds. I'll take 60$ plus shipping. Also open to trades. Especially if you have any spare mags for a XDM. Pm me for pictures as I can't get them to load
  19. The Lounge
    I have a we xdm and the slide is stuck on the gun, it will shoot and cycle and function normally, except the hop up is off so I'm trying to get the slide off and it won't come off the way it is intended to. Won't come off. Mags out, pin is up, tried everything and I don't want to force it out...
1-19 of 56 Results