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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hello, I have recently purchased A&K SR25 rifle. At this moment everything is stock parts. Want to upgrade it into DMR/Sniper. As I am really beginner in this will need your help. Want to get approx 30-35 meters accuracy. Thinking about changing several parts like - nozzle, cylinder, hop-up and...
  2. Longrange AEGs
    Hi everyone! I have a habit of writing essays, so…. tl;dr version: I'm looking for advice on choosing a DMR in general, and on the ARES SR25 M110k specifically (if anyone has first hand knowledge). I'm keen to find a weapon that is 'reasonable' out of the box, as I need something I know...
  3. Longrange AEGs
    Hello, i have an "out of the box" condition A&K SVD AEG and after a few games with it ive come to realize that yes, the blue factory hop up is absolute garbage. i have a few questions regarding the hopup, as i am also a new player to airsoft and everything that has to do with the guts of the...
  4. Longrange AEGs
    Hey guys, I was wondering if the Maxx chamber, or the Chinese clone Kublai, fits in an A&K SR25. Has anyone experience with this combination? Thanks
  5. Others
    Hey guys! I recently got an A&K M24 and realized that the cylinder was broken. I am willing to get parts just curious on what I’d need to fix it. (Also getting maple leaf innerbarrel and 75 degree bucking if you have anything else to suggest please, do tell.) Edit: will post measurements in AM
  6. Longrange AEGs
    i am looking for a few upgrades on my A&K SVD AEG, can someone please provide a list of stock internal parts as mine did not come with a user manual, and a list of compatible parts for upgrading. Thanks in advance for any and all info provided.
  7. Others
    Hello, im fairly new to this forum, not sure if im doing this properly, or if im posting in the right place. i have an A&K SVD AEG ( and i would like to know of some internal upgrades i could do to it. I am also very new to airsoft in general, so everything...
  8. Longrange AEGs
    Hi! Here Korea. Yes. I am Korean This Google Translator. hahahat .. Actually, not knowing when an attack is whether Kim Jong Un, Making it the first DMR. [This is a joke right I know western] base gun:A&K SR25 [I think about it now, if more pay and CA .. To regret. Enormously. fuck suck A&K...
  9. Longrange AEGs
    I'm buying the Matrix Custom Full Metal SR-25 Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle to convert it into a DMR. I'm looking for some feedback on the effectiveness and compatibility of the upgrades linked below. 1. Matrix L85 / SR25 Type CNC Aluminum Steel Strip Piston & Piston Head Set 2. Full Metal SR25...
  10. Longrange AEGs
    Im new to this site and I want to have a DMR. I eventually will be upgrading the gun if I feel it needs to be. But 2 guns that caught my eye are the A&K SR-25 and G&G M14. I will be using it stock for a while to get a feel for the gun. Ive heard good things about both guns while they are stock...
  11. Non-Sniper For Sale
    Hey guys, Ive got my M249 for sale today. Its an awesome gun and draws a lot of attention, but with sniping and CQB, I just dont play with it much anymore. Hopefully someone can use it more than I am right now. The internals are as follows: SHS high torque motor Madbull (?) piston SHS 130...
  12. Others
    Finally getting back into airsoft because I found out at least one of my cousins got a new gun and he was asking about when we are organizing a game again. Even though I am not going to organize one until after I get my driver's permit(my main goal right now, already really late in getting one)...
  13. Wanted
    I'm looking to see if anyone has an A&K SR-25 for sale, before I buy one online. I would prefer if it was upgraded slightly, but that's not too important. Also, I'm looking for one that doesn't have very much wear and tear. Looking to spend $200-$250. Thanks!
  14. Others
    Just got this gun yesterday with some .28g TSD BBs, was going to adjust the hop-up when the wind calms down, but realized I have no idea where I adjust it. I remember watching a video that they just pulled the bolt back and adjusted it with an allen wrench thing, but the adjustment screw isn't...
1-14 of 15 Results