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    Hi everybody, I have a Amoeba M4 AM-009 and my goal is to build a DMR as backup replica. What I want as DMR is something that is equally long to my Striker AS-02, quite, precise and shot long (65-70 meters): I'm italian so the limit here are 1J. I'm not interested in high roof and programmable...
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    Hi everybody I've got a new ares striker as02 for starting with the role of sniper. Can you help me to upgrade its internal parts to reach 0.99J and at least 60m of distance please? N.B.: I'm from italy so here the max power of Joule is 0.99
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    Hello everyone! I'm sure most of you have never heard of me. I'm relatively new to the forum, though I've been playing airsoft for 12 years or so. Recently, I decided to purchase my first BASR, intending to use it to get used to upgrading guns before trying to eventually build either a HK417...
1-3 of 3 Results