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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Any good trigger set and hop unit suggestion? Also would L96 APS2 (like WELL MB01) hop unit fit? Hop adjustment location doesn't matter, what matters is would it fit or not. Gonna go for AA L96 hop unit if that's the case. If there's none, i might just get SSG24 hop unit and fit it in. I want to...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hello, I posted not too long ago but have researched a bit more. I still had a couple questions that I didn't really find a full answer for. I am looking to get a base sniper with good externals (Decent quality, good design, adjustable stock.) and have been looking at the APS2 L96's, since...
  3. Others
    Hi folks! Any one knows the dimentions (lenght and diameter) of this kind of cylinder/ piston? APS2 / Type96 / APS SR2 (MB06) / M99 SW / M24 SW / M24 CA???? This is the link of the product Kit Dark APS2 / Type96 / APS SR2 (MB06) / M99 SW / M24 SW / M24 CA
  4. Others
    Hi all, I have just joined and have (one way or another) ended up with an ASG M70 Varmint. After tearing it down and checking it out and reading online I see it is going to be a lot more work to tune and upgrade than a true TM VSR-10 or any fully comparable clone. My goal would not be too...
  5. Others
    Sup brahs, Samurai Brah is in. I have a question about the cylinder on my Well MB05. I'm assuming it used the same cylinder as the MK96 as every part is compatible. What I want to know is how much volume the cylinder has. I'm wanting to determine the perfect barrel length for my gun, but I...
  6. Others
    Hi, I bought an m24 along with the echo 1 asr upgrade kit. I was told it was the same as the UTG upgrade kit which was APS2 compatible. I swapped the stock parts for the new and encountered a problem. The gun starts to slam fire, I suspect because the trigger sear is not engaging the piston...
  7. For Sale
    **Before everyone jumps on me for not having been here for the 3 months, I've been cleared by FuzzyWolly to make this sale as long as I had made an introduction post before hand *** Shipping from 22152 (VA)...
  8. For Sale
    3 month rule - PM a mod about selling earlier. Provide references.
1-8 of 9 Results