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  1. General Sniper Talk
    my striker has recently broken and I need to know what bolt and trigger upgrades to do to really make the gun last hopup and barrel are fine for now. So i need -90 degree sears -stainless steel 90 degree piston -steel spring guide -maybe an upgraded cylinder but i dont know what specific...
  2. Others
    Hey lads, i've been looking to get back into the hobby recently and i was eyeing the as03, as i'm not too keen on upgrading my aeg, it performs well enough already and it's not the easiest thing to tinker on. There is a 1j limitation in my country and i'm aware it wouldn't give me a significant...
  3. Others
    For ares striker as-02 (and others strikers), due to its different cylinder that is shorter than normal cylinders: which lengths of inner barrels do you suggest? Short inner barrels reduce range and accuracy? Short inner barrel reduce joule in generally? I want to reduce the length of my...
  4. Others
    Hi everybody I've got a new ares striker as02 for starting with the role of sniper. Can you help me to upgrade its internal parts to reach 0.99J and at least 60m of distance please? N.B.: I'm from italy so here the max power of Joule is 0.99
  5. For Sale
    Hi everybody! Just want to introduce here at this forum my Titanium Sear for Ares Amoeba Striker AS01. Made from a high durable anodizated titanium. I've been selling them for a year now and there is only positive feedback. Shipping worldwide from Russia, Moscow. 24.5 usd / piece (shipping...
  6. Others
    Hi, I've recently acquired an ares striker as-01 and was wondering if anybody knows of a manufacturer of a left-handed bolt conversion or if a vsr lefty bolt would be compatible. thanks.
  7. Others
    Hi there I've been playing airsoft for a while now and because my m4 recently broke i thought this would be a good time to make the step to sniping (i've been interested for a while now). I was looking at the TM vsr 10 and from what i've heard it's basically the golden standard. But i've heard...
  8. Longrange AEGs
    I've been planning on doing this for some time now. What my goal with this build is to have a DMR that I can use in any situation or field. I want to be able to go from 350fps to 450fps on field, with the ability to go to something like 400fps or 500fps as well. To do this, I plan on using one...
1-8 of 8 Results