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  1. Others
    I wanna transform my Ares striker as02 for make it more silent than SRS silverback with lout converting it in a gas replica, o want to remain to the bolt action: would it be possible? What make the SRS so silent? Strange question I know but I wanna create something that it's cheap and also...
  2. Others
    For ares striker as-02 (and others strikers), due to its different cylinder that is shorter than normal cylinders: which lengths of inner barrels do you suggest? Short inner barrels reduce range and accuracy? Short inner barrel reduce joule in generally? I want to reduce the length of my...
  3. Others
    Hi everybody I've got a new ares striker as02 for starting with the role of sniper. Can you help me to upgrade its internal parts to reach 0.99J and at least 60m of distance please? N.B.: I'm from italy so here the max power of Joule is 0.99
  4. Bolt Action
    Hallo guys. i have just installed the New wolverine bolt m in my ares striker, and it’s Nice. But i have a problem. It’s air tight, until i load it, and the bolt have pushed a bb in the hop up chamber. Then it’s leaking, but not leaking after the shot is fired. Do u anyone have an idea to fix...
1-4 of 4 Results