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    For ares striker as-02 (and others strikers), due to its different cylinder that is shorter than normal cylinders: which lengths of inner barrels do you suggest? Short inner barrels reduce range and accuracy? Short inner barrel reduce joule in generally? I want to reduce the length of my...
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    Hi all, Apologies if this has already been tackled. I'm sure it has but we're suffering a case of too much info when I try and search it :-) I have a relatively stock AS02, only real upgrades are a maple leaf bucking, Gunsmithy arm and M135 spring. My query is this, I'm only getting about...
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    Hello everyone! I'm sure most of you have never heard of me. I'm relatively new to the forum, though I've been playing airsoft for 12 years or so. Recently, I decided to purchase my first BASR, intending to use it to get used to upgrading guns before trying to eventually build either a HK417...
1-3 of 3 Results