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  1. L96 Rifles
    How do I take off the orange tip for the AW .308? I tried everything from dipping the tip in hot water to heating it up with a fire. The orange tip got so hot that it started to melt and i still could not twist it off.. someone help please
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hi guys, I am looking for a new sniper but can't choose between an SSG, a VSR or a ASG M40A3. First I wanted to buy the ASG but I can't find a left hand conversion kit. Does anyone now a compatible conversion kit for this sniper? The SSG seems a little to the expensive side and I don't want to...
  3. HPA Systems
    Hello, Does anybody have any experience converting an ASG AW.308 to a HPA system? If so can you give me some more information as I want to do this with my rifle. Thanks in advance.
  4. Others
    Hi all, I have just joined and have (one way or another) ended up with an ASG M70 Varmint. After tearing it down and checking it out and reading online I see it is going to be a lot more work to tune and upgrade than a true TM VSR-10 or any fully comparable clone. My goal would not be too...
  5. L96 Rifles
    Hi everyone, first time here so please bear with me. I've decided to upgrade my ASG AW .308 rifle. And I'm trying to change the cylinder, however I can not remove the bolt handle at all. I've removed the grub screw located underneath the block but the screw (I'm guessing is a screw) just will...
  6. General Sniper Talk
    Hey guys I am in need of help. I recently bought an ASG AW .308 and I really need a flash hider. I am finding it really hard to get one because I need an adapter that I cannot seem to find anywhere. My question is : Can anyone provide me with a link/name of an adapter that would fit the barrel...
  7. General Sniper Talk
    hi, ive just got my hands on a asg 338lm and for the life in me i cannot get the inner barrel out. is there a certain way it comes out as i am lost and really dont wont to damage owt. :shrug:
  8. Others
    Hey Guys and Gals, I'm having issues with a new piston upgrade that I'm having difficulty figuring out myself. I have an ASG AW .308 (L96) rifle...the stock piston and spring guide are both plastic, and with the stock spring and hop up adjusted to shoot my .36g bb's, I was only getting about...
  9. Gallery
    So thought of this and here we go.. That is my ASG Urban Sniper AKA Well MB-06 a decent gun for a low price. At this picture completely stock upgrades coming soon.
  10. Others
    hello asf, I have the ashbury in bits after I obliterated the internals. I had bought the m150 upgrade kit with zero trigger, DW type B arm and a raven pdi 6.01 430mm tbb. now I want to get this baby back in the field but I don't want to use these parts anymore except the dw type b arm. these...
  11. Others
    Hello all, I have myself a ASG AW .308 and I can't help but feel it would be more accurate and consistent with upgrades. Whilst talking with a guy at a recent skirmish he gave me the impression that upgrading it wasnt worth it as the parts are hard to find and its a waste of money. Can...
1-11 of 11 Results