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  1. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    I was wondering what cases others (AW338/L96 owners) use? I have found (much to my dismay>:() that the bolt sits high enough that even an "over-sized" case that is supposed to easily take guns with large scopes can not close with my gun in it>:. So I figure you guys are smarter then I am--have...
  2. Others
    Evening Gents, So, as I found out, none of these companies have contact numbers. Lovely. Anyways, company reps will tell me buy their stuff, that's not what I need. I need the guys who run the guns to tell me what I need. Bought this gun, no going back, its comfort level is unparalleled. Out...
  3. For Sale
    This is a gas ARES AW338 that is a CNC version. I have never used it in game, and have the box and everything it came with. I started to upgrade it then whet with another VSR-10 and a dmr instead. I put in a custom 550 fps spring in it, a Maple leaf bucking and then stopped. It shoots great and...
  4. Others
    Hey guys, its been a while since I got an airsoft gun but I've decided I want an L96 type sniper rifle, that once upgraded will be magnificent. I looked into the more realistic guns with the correct mag placement but I feel that a type 96 rifle would work better for me. Now, the WELL MB08 has...
  5. Others
    Hello all! I recently aquired a gas ares AW338, but many problems have arose. After looking for certain parts the market seems to be slim also. Does anyone happen to have a decent amount of Knowledge about this gun? Thanks F0rever
  6. General Sniper Talk
    I've read through the forum about this subject and found a couple things but not much that helps. I just recently bought a few upgrades for my ares aw338 and before I install them I wanted to test the average fps. Everything on the gun is original. I've had the gun for about 1 year and haven't...
  7. General Sniper Talk
    Hi, I have no experiance with upgrading sniper guns and know very little about them. I have an Ares AW338 gas gun that I have a few questions about. 1) When I'm looking for barrel upgrades, should I go with longer? Or tighter bore? 2) Are there other magazines that will fit the aw338? I've...
1-7 of 8 Results