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  1. L96 Rifles
    Ok so Me and my last 2 brain cells are crying rn trying to make my Cyma l96 AKA CM 703 shoot. The problem is (see video) that the charging handle won’t go back to where I cocked it from. The trigger removed the cylinder just glides through the receiver, once I screw the trigger on, cock it, it...
  2. L96 Rifles
    Alrighty then, So i'm completely new to this forum and relatively new to airsoft sniping and airsoft in general. I usually play a lot of CQB running my 1911 but recently started playing a lot more outdoors and after renting a Well L96 i had to get myself one and thus had my new Cyma 703 thrust...
  3. L96 Rifles
    Hey! i have owned a l96 mb01 for a year now and i have managed to fully upgrade it. I have upgraded basically all parts and im hitting enemy players every 1.2 shots, maximum range i have hit with single shot is 110m, but usually i dont go over 90m, which is basically maximum for that rifle List...
1-3 of 4 Results