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  1. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    This poll is on my YT channel and I wanted more insight from ASF!! I think this is a very interesting discussion and am curious to know what you run and why!! I currently run .20s or .25s in my full auto beretta. Anything cheap and shitty really. But in my Kjw Mkii, I used .48s!!
  2. Novritsch Platforms
    Hello, I have just brought an ssg24 with a m140 spring installed. I used it at the weekend with 0.40g bbs but the hop-unit was going from dropping on one click and flying up on the next click. Do you think that I need to get heavier bbs? As when it was chronoed it was shooting around 500fps...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    Hi guys!, i use in my sniper rifle 0.30 BBS, today my configuration is: stock 45 degree piston, 500 mm steel laylax 6.03 inner barrel, stock chamber with maple leaf hop up concave arm and the decepticon 70 degree bucking, the spring is a laylax m130. And i have perfect air seal. What do you...
  4. General Sniper Talk
    Hi!, when i shoot my rifle with different weight's of BBS .20, .25, .28, .30 every weight has different sounds. Why???
  5. L96 Rifles
    Tokyo Marui AWS L96 The part list I bought is: 6.01 Precision Barrel, Cylinder, Cylinder Screw, Cylinder Head, 7mm Spring Guide, 500 FPS Spring, High Pressure Piston, Trigger Sear, Piston Sear, Spring Guide Stopper, and Maple Leaf 60 degree Rubber. Note: I having my local airsoft store...
  6. Longrange AEGs
    My DMR is almost complete, however I don't know what weight or brand of BB i should be using. I have a CYMA M14 shooting [email protected] 0.2g (no hop) with a PDI-W Hold bucking. Setting the hop to lift anything more than 0.28g brings the gun down to about [email protected] 0.2g (the site limit for DMRs) Should I...
  7. Longrange AEGs
    Sorry this has already been covered... I currently own a CYMA M14 firing at 393fps with 0.2 (site limit 400 for DMR). I've upgraded most the internals etc and mostly have it firing where I want. From reading about 0.3g seems to be the ideal weight, the RWA hop I have installed can easily lift...
1-7 of 7 Results