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  1. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    This poll is on my YT channel and I wanted more insight from ASF!! I think this is a very interesting discussion and am curious to know what you run and why!! I currently run .20s or .25s in my full auto beretta. Anything cheap and shitty really. But in my Kjw Mkii, I used .48s!!
  2. Longrange AEGs
    Hi, pretty much what the title says. I have a DMR build (1 joule max power here Italy, r-hop, with everything upgraded to the best). Currently using 0.32 from BLS, I can hit a torso target 9/10 times at 60 meters. What difference will I see if I start to use 0,36 or 0,4? If there are any, are...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    Hi, I play in Italy, max 1Joule for everyone. My build has a Psionic Upgrades inner barrel and hop-up, which is considered the best in class here in italy. Their technology says that the set works best with BB's between 0,30 and 0,4. However, I think 0,38/0,40 is pretty weight for only 1 joule...
  4. General Sniper Talk
    Hi, I play in Italy, max 1Joule for everyone. My build has a Psionic Upgrades inner barrel and hop-up. (This is their page if you want to check psionic-upgrades.con) Their technology says that the set works best with BB's between 0,30 and 0,4. However, I think 0,38/0,40 is pretty weight for only...
  5. VSR Rifles
    Recently I have been thinking i have 0,42 grams and 0,50 grams but i want to try 0,6 grams and i do not know what is the advantage between 0,5 and 0,6. I didn't even use 0,42 grams a lot myb a few mags for testing but now i will try and test them against 0,5 (0,5 are gray and hard to see thats...
  6. VSR Rifles
    Hey fellow snipers, I'm new at this forum as I'm snipping and I'm loving it! (I always played with AEG's until one month ago) I bought a Well MB-03 last week and had to switch the spring to a weak one because here in Portugal our limit is the 374fps/1.3j. I've changed the bucking too. The...
  7. VSR Rifles
    Hi! I need some advise of brands off bbs, your best choices and the bad ones to prevent to pick them up
  8. VSR Rifles
    finding it hard to find the right barrel I had a mad bull 6.01mm barrel and that was shockingly bad, I then changed to a modify 6.01 hybrid barrel and the accuracy is just as bad I have tried it with aa hop up rubber and I have a aa hop up chamber. I really don't know what to do as a barrel to...
  9. General Sniper Talk
    I've been scouring for .40s ever since I got my rifle and I can't seem to find any in quantities over 500 with a consistent supply coming in, so I decided that the Matrix ones looked like they were worth a shot and sure as hell beat that 'Doge' brand my dealer gave me. What's the quality of...
  10. General Sniper Talk
    Hi guys! I have recently purchased many upgrades for my MB05, mostly Laylax and action army parts. These upgrades have boosted fps to around 580. Because of this, I would like to buy really heavy white BB's. I have been using Valken .43's (I can almost hear you cringing), so as you can easily...
  11. VSR Rifles
    Hello, I've been trolling the interwebbs for bbs, and I found this gem, My current networth is$ and I wondering if I should shoot these or these, Bulk 50 Cal BMG PMC Ammo...
  12. General Sniper Talk
    Looking to get some good quality heavy BBs after some bad experiences with some brands in the past. What do you guys use?
  13. General Sniper Talk
    if a sniper is at 450-500 fps with .2 bbs does the fps drop with heavier bbs? what are some good brands of bbs?(getting .40) Is matrix a good brand?
  14. General Sniper Talk
    I want to really know which BBs are the best. I see the 'Heavyweight bb Database', but the problem I have with a resource like that (and all others) is the sources- people giving very subjective overviews of just a few types of BBs, using god-knows-what setup. I want to test all relevant BBs as...
  15. General Sniper Talk
    Hey everyone! Has anyone on this site done air drag and trajectory calculations for airsoft bbs? (not counting spin of course). I have been doing some today, it could be useful information. Let me know if you guys are interested.:tup:
  16. For Sale
    WTS: CHEAP! Over ordered custom 0.25 Bio BBs! Help needed... Selling CHEAP BBs! We ordered too many custom bottles for our team... like way too much... like 2 million BBs too much... :ashamed: They're smooth and polished, no air bubbles, but the only problem is we have too many. Our loss is...
  17. General Sniper Talk
    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for some good heavy weight (.36-.43) bbs that are easier to see than my grey madbulls. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance. ~Big Red
  18. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Just ordered a maruzen type 96. Has a 6.03 prommy tight bore and upgraded spring, pei hop up unit, and reinforced bolt and cylinder, the seller has it chrono'd at 550 with .2's So I obviously can't use anything below .36 Saw these on eBay for only 18$. Anyone have any idea if these Bbs are any...
  19. General Sniper Talk
    Hello, so I have a Well L96. Its about 500fps with .2's. I tried out some .25g bb's, but they seem to be un-accurate when shooting far distances. So im deciding whether to get .32g's or .4g's. I used some .4's that my friend had, and they worked out great. But im still not sure whether .32g's...
  20. Web Deals
    Usually these go for 2 cents it higher for 1 bb, but they are less than one cent here! High Powered Airsoft TAN .40g BIO BB - 4350 Ct.
1-20 of 27 Results