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  1. Tanaka Rifles
    First off thanks for reading and being willing to help. I have a tanaka m700 adjustable bolt in a AAC 21 cnc conversion kit. The bolt is stuck in the down position and won't go back up. I have also noticed the safety doesn't really move either. No idea what to do next.
  2. VSR Rifles
    So the original sears on my vsr had worn out so i replaced them with new ones. Now the bolt wont catch whenever I try and cock the rifle. Anyone have any ideas why? The cylinder is cracked where you attach the bold handle and can spin freely, but I thought the spring guide stopper should stop...
  3. Others
    I had just received my Ares MS338 in the mail today and after loading it and shooting a few rounds the bolt stopped locking. It seems to feed the BB's just fine, but the bolt at full extension will not catch and will just slam back forward. It will at times fix itself and shoot for a few more...
1-3 of 4 Results