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  1. Gallery
    For the longest time i had the most basic looking novritsch loadout (and I still do) but last weekend i picked up a bunch of spray paint at a 2nd hand airsoft event, and decided to have a go at it. I went for a mix of "functional" camo in terms of the color palette and pattern, but i wanted to...
  2. Concealment
    My Custom Leaf Suit A £20 suit from Amazon/Ebay which was darkened to fit my local field & then artificial leaves were added to add depth. Its lightweight & changes can be made quickly depending on the season.
  3. Concealment
    Looking for another set of BDUs to match my first sniper loadout/setup, I've already decided that I will be making a ghillie suit ontop of a Kapkan Suit base, but I was curious what your favourite sets of camouflage are for all year round usage throughout the seasons?
  4. Wanted
    Admin remove if you must. (Apologise in advanced) I am looking for a Boonie Ghillie Hat? Was asking if anyone has a spare one or one they dont use anymore just hidden away. Will pay for item if looks in decent enough condition. Thank you very much.
  5. Concealment
    Ok, for a while now I have been trying very hard to start an airsoft painting service. Well, I am overjoyed to announce that my dream has come true! From last October to today, I have completed multiple other painting jobs, all turning out extremely well. I have also amassed many camouflage...
  6. Concealment
    Hey guys, i made this instructional video for you all and put it on my youtube channel. I came up with this method for camouflage along time ago when i was fed up with the problems that ghillie suits had. (ex... overheating, heavy weight, not easy to pack, hard to access gear, snagging on...
  7. Concealment
    Hi, I'm currently building my ghillie suit. I am at the stage of stranding jute to separate for dyeing, my problem is I don't know how much jute i require for a full suit. (Boonie, jacket and trousers). I want to do all the dye at once to ensure I get even shades. I have 6 square metres...
  8. Concealment
    I just found this and though I might spread it around. Looks wonderful. Now Available ATACS FG Camo Sniper Gear from Tactical Concealment Mfg - Soldier Systems Really wish I could afford A-TACS! >:
  9. Concealment
    I just visited my local BPS and saw something which may be used for airsoft - turkey hunting leafy suits. They are a breathable, lightweight jacket and pants, with artificial leaves sewn into the fabric/mesh. And they are AP Realtree. I was wondering if this would be a suitable replacement for a...
1-9 of 11 Results