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  1. VSR Rifles
    Over a year ago, I got myself the TTI VSR trigger system, and I was very impressed. My opinion was that it is the best trigger on the market. Anyway, I saw they had a new hopup chamber out and it looked as though it was really good value for money. So I got one. I have not seen any other reviews...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi, Has anyone already tried the new chamber?
  3. VSR Rifles
    lately I've got lots of problems with my vsr the consistency is everywhere and I have the issue where the bb curves after about 150-200ft. I think it is the barrel or myb the bucking but i hear the hop up chamber can be the problem also. Soon i will make an order for the new 6.01 barrel and a...
  4. General Sniper Talk
    Hi!, do you know in some way how to fix well the hop-up chamberl to the outer barrel? the hop up chamber and the outer barrel are fixed by a little tiny screw and it get loose somtimes and the hop chamber wobbles, ruining my accuracy. Please don't said thread lock the screw Btw it's a m28 rifle
  5. Others
    Hi my companions!, I know you maybe are bored with the same questions: do you know for any echo1 m28 upgrades!? It will fit con the echo1 m28? Echo1 m28? M28? M twenty eiiiiggght???????>:( agggrr!!!, but.... any ways! I really like the m28 even with aaall imperfections, i think is a...
  6. VSR Rifles
    Like the title say's has anyone seen or tried the new Maple leaf vsr hop up chamber - If so what do you think?
  7. Others
    Hello! first time posting so i'm sorry if i make some mistakes. I got my MB10 last week and i'm planning to upgrade it. I already have a replacement for all the internals EXCEPT the Hop Up chamber. Doing some research (in this forum as well as some googling) i found that the inner diameter of...
  8. General Sniper Talk
    I have a PDI hop up chamber with PDI w-bucking and I really want to flat hop my gun. But I'm not sure how good it will work with the PDI double hop up arm? Right now it overhop a lot even if I have it on the lowest setting and I think that a flat hop will solve that. Please help :bow:
  9. Maruzen Rifles
    Has anyone successfully done an ER-Hop install with the PDI chamber? Looking at the pictures, there seems to be little room for the ER-Hop window, which I'm okay with because it's still larger than the stock window, but what worries the most is the little space available for an EM-Nub. Has...
  10. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Does anybody have experience with this part? I really want to get it for my KJW M700 because I want the one piece hop, nub, etc. I heard that it does not fit the KJW M700's stock OUTER barrel, and it only fits the Tanaka. Anyone know if this is true, or if i need other parts to use this one? Thanks
  11. VSR Rifles
    Hello, Is there a difference between the stock hop up chamber that you get with a Tokyo Marui VSR G-Spec and the one you can buy online that includes a barrel: Tokyo Marui Precision Brass Barrel & New Chamber Set for VSR-10 It makes sense that i would be the same but you really never know, it...
  12. Others
    I want a PDI 6.04 MM tbb for my Well L96 awp. I am definatly getting a PDI hop-up chamber, Madbull blue bucking, and THIS PDI barrel (if it will fit). MY question is, is that it says "for use with factory chamber". Will that PDI barrel fit into the PDI chamber?
1-12 of 12 Results