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  1. Classic Army Rifles
    Good afternoon, I have recently taken on a CA M24 LTR for a buddy while he is in basic. The rifle has a loose bolt, and I mainly work with AEGs. The pins that hold the rear assembly in seem to be too short, and I can't find anything about this on the internet. How would I fix this?
  2. Classic Army Rifles
    Hello I've recently bought an M110 and want to upgrade all internals "mainly air seal" but I am having difficulty finding parts. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. My budget for this build is around $400 for internals which should be way more than enough. Please Help! thanks!!
  3. Longrange AEGs
    Alrighty folks, base platform is an Classic army ars3-12 M4 Internals im working with 9mm Bearings 21:1 Ratio gears Mosfet "bore up kit"(pre installed idk what this means really) looks like GB is pre raduised from factory i replaced the stock barrel with an 407mm 6.03 madbull i replaced the...
  4. Classic Army Rifles
    Hello, Has anybody on this forum got any experience with working with and disassembling a Classic Army ISSC Mk22? It is a SCAR type rifle... I am looking to upgrade this lovely looking replica into a lovely DMR. :yup: Does anybody have any idea how to disassemble this thing (especially the...
  5. General Sniper Talk
    I have been emailing back and forth with Polarstar and one of their representatives mentioned something very interesting. I don't know if anyone knew this, and please correct me if you did, but he said the intend to make SVD polarstar kits. I assume by "kits" he ment for more than just the Real...
  6. Longrange AEGs
    I am a long time lurker but only recently considered posting until I noticed a couple of older responses to peviosuly exsisting threads, and i was hoping you guys could impart some of your experience. I have recently purchased a CA G3 from someone here locally and it fires consistantly around...
  7. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hey new here to the forums but not marksmanship, just started with a classic army m14 ebr, slowly making my way through the gun with upgrades. any tips or tricks are welcome.
  8. Longrange AEGs
    I've had a difficult time finding midcaps for my CA SR-25. Not having midcaps has discouraged me from finishing my DMR. I have looked for over a year and never seen a CA SR-25 midcap for sale. First I bought a Magpul PMAG 20 LR midcaps. After much sanding, it finally fits but doesn't feed well...
  9. Classic Army Rifles
    Hey guys I have a CA M24 that is about 90% upgraded with only a new barrel and a new trigger to go. I finally put everything together on it and when I want to push the bolt home it would not go all the way back into the gun, leaving about 1cm gap; preventing me from lowering the bolt handle. I...
  10. Longrange AEGs
    Base: Ca-25 Objectives: 275' Torso, consistent, quiet as possible Purchase Parts: Madbull v2 509mm Systema AUG nozzle Bravo Aluminium Cylinder head Bravo Aluminium Piston head Bravo Poly carb piston (10 steel teeth) Scs Nub Piston spacer DIY mods...
  11. Longrange AEGs
    I got myself a CA25 a few months ago but the crappy battery I had for my p90 gave out about 100 ish rounds into it. I am this close to selling it but I am contemplating keeping it and making an awesome dmr out of it. My question to you is how much money are we looking at for this gun to hit a...
1-12 of 12 Results