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  1. Concealment
    I made this viperhood by hand (with real jute, coloring some) but I don't like the final result, it looks like one of the Chinese ones you buy on Aliexpress, it's all too "formal/fake"; I would like an effect similar to that of the last photo, they too use jute but it doesn't look as authentic...
  2. Concealment
    Live in Texas, and during the summer it gets so hot, so I can basically only wear the top (semi-)comfortably. I've been looking into creating a belly hide for when we play on private property, which should help as I won't have to wear 2 layers of clothing. Does anyone have any tips in regards...
  3. Concealment
    My Custom Leaf Suit A £20 suit from Amazon/Ebay which was darkened to fit my local field & then artificial leaves were added to add depth. Its lightweight & changes can be made quickly depending on the season.
  4. Concealment
    I'm making a ghillie suit and I just bought a Condor one. I usually just wear Flecktarn or MARPAT, a hat with sniper mesh, and gloves. Some popular YouTube airsoft snipers hardly wear a ghillie suit at all, and the US Army sniper manual shows a ghillie suit that's much different than your...
  5. Concealment
    Ok, for a while now I have been trying very hard to start an airsoft painting service. Well, I am overjoyed to announce that my dream has come true! From last October to today, I have completed multiple other painting jobs, all turning out extremely well. I have also amassed many camouflage...
  6. Concealment
    Hello! I'm rather new but introductions aside. You fine folks seem to know a thing or 2 about ghillie suits here's my predicament. I have your standard generic ghillie suit (the same one in the picture, the picture makes it look a lot less floofy then it really is I promise!) But you see I...
  7. Concealment
    Heya guys, just a quick question. Would a normal sweatshirt/jacket work as a base for the top portion of a ghillie? I have everything I need besides a base, and would prefer to use the jacket I already have that matches the color of my area.
  8. Concealment
    Hey guys, i made this instructional video for you all and put it on my youtube channel. I came up with this method for camouflage along time ago when i was fed up with the problems that ghillie suits had. (ex... overheating, heavy weight, not easy to pack, hard to access gear, snagging on...
  9. General Sniper Talk
    Hey Everyone! I joined these forums a little while ago around August of last year, but I haven't been online for a while:ashamed:...I recently purchased a new primary weapon though, so I decided to log on because I had some questions regarding my loadout. So the rifle I purchased was...
  10. Concealment
    I just visited my local BPS and saw something which may be used for airsoft - turkey hunting leafy suits. They are a breathable, lightweight jacket and pants, with artificial leaves sewn into the fabric/mesh. And they are AP Realtree. I was wondering if this would be a suitable replacement for a...
  11. General Sniper Talk
    Can anyone think of something small and durable that could produce synthetic shooting sounds? Maybe I could set a ringtone on my phone and call using a different phone, but I'd rather have something I could toss
1-11 of 11 Results