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  1. For Sale
    For sale an Ares DSR-1 version 2 The gun shoots now at 7 degree's Celsius 400 fps .. It was shooting around 500 in summer. I've skirmished it a couple times the past few months. It has a 6.04 stock inner barrel. It can be swapped as it uses an AEG type barrel. Both 23 rnd mags don't leak...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    im not findong much on if it is possible to raise the fps on a green gas sniper. socan you or can you not? im thinking bout buying the dsr-1 from 6mm proshop but says shoots 350-380fps.. id like 450 or 500? i kno the ares dsr shot like 500 using green gas also so how is it ares got it to shoot...
  3. For Sale
    Hi guys! Brand new to the forum! A facebook reccommendation sent me here in hopes I could sell one of my Ares DSR-1 version 2s. It breaks my heart I have to break the two brothers apart, but I'm in a bit of a financial crunch. It's time to let one go. I'd rate the one I'm selling (in better...
  4. Wanted
    As I mentioned in my intro post, I'm a collector of airsoft guns and am always looking to add unique and interesting rifles to my little, personal armory. For anyone familiar with it (which I'm guessing is pretty much all of you) there are few rifles that stand out in this way more than the...
1-4 of 4 Results