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  1. VSR Rifles
    Hey, I accidentally bent my G-Spec barrel and am now considering whether I could use a EdGi 6.01 TBB AEG Barrel. But I'm not sure if it makes any sense at all, since the barrel window is so tiny.. I thought of a setup similar to this one: PDI V2 Chamber 300mm EdGi 6.01 TBB AEG Barrel (I know...
  2. VSR Rifles
    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my TM VSR10 and have picked out the following parts: Action Army Hop Up Chamber Laylax SP150 Spring Action Army Spring Guide Action Army Cylinder Action Army Zero Trigger Maple Leaf Hop Up Arm EdGi Inner Barrel What do you think of this? I want to go with a maple...
  3. VSR Rifles
    Hello ladies and gents its been awhile since iv posted on this forum. Im in need of some advise. So recently iv decided to try out a new hopup combo for my beloved gspec. I was getting pretty good range but i feel like I could achieve better results. My current set up is Stock hop chamber with...
1-3 of 3 Results