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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hi. I'm wondering how much fps is lost with edgi airbrake on .20s ond Edgi bore up kit and standard cylinder with m160 spring/sp02 edgi? thanks
  2. Longrange AEGs
    Hello, So currently I am upgrading my GR14 with new internals and installed a mosfet. But after 4/5 shots there is a shot with a different sound and it fires a bb with 25 fps. After that one with 270fps and then back to then the normal state. (For troubleshooting I enabled full auto again.)...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    hey all, pretty new to this sniping gig and airsoft, been playing for 3 years now. i decided to pick up the ares amoeba striker s01 to tinker with, and i'm looking to pop in a higher power spring (~500fps or so). i was wondering how the fps will be affected by changing the bore of the inner...
  4. General Sniper Talk
    UPDATE: This Problem is a defect in the Angel Custom Neo Hop-up unit itself, caused by a non-properly seated O-ring, which will catch the BB and cause it to Leave the barrel at a substantially lower FPS, jam, or even break. The only solution as of right now is to just reach in with some long...
1-4 of 4 Results