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  1. Semi-Auto
    Hi. I live in the tropics and I plan to convert my mk23 to a carbine. A 310 mm 6.01 inner with stock valves and 14kg puff dino green gas can reach 570 fps on a .20. Knowing this is a gas gun, I assume that if I extend the barrel to a certain point, it will decrease chrono readings despite the...
  2. Longrange AEGs
    Well, I wasn't exactly sure where to put this thread, as this is the section apparently reserved for DMRs, but my base gun isn't an AEG.:shrug: I am entirely, completely sick and tired of dragging around my 15.5lb EBR for 6-hr events. I am going to be getting something lighter now...So, now...
1-2 of 2 Results