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  1. Non-Sniper For Sale
    Hello I'm selling one of 3 KWA Kriss Vectors I own .. The third one was an impulse buy and I have no use for it all! It's almost new never skirmished and it comes in it's original box. Not much to say about it, it's one of the best GBBs ever, great performance right out of the box, steel...
  2. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi guys, how can I have better gas efficiency with my glock, ( more shots, more fps consistency), what parts I have to change to do that?
  3. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi, I use to have muy glock 17B&W, now is not working well at all.... But I found this version form king arms: don't know like nothing of the quality of this brands, and it will really helpme if any of you guys knows something...
  4. Longrange AEGs
    Hi everyone, This doesn't pertain explicitly to long range AEGs but browsing all kinds of airsoft parts vendors I have only come across a single model of adapter that I am looking for: It bolts to the rear of an AR pattern AEG/GBB and allows you to use a G&P GBB (real steel threaded) buffer...
  5. General Sniper Talk
    I'm planning on purchasing another rifle which is a A&K Winchester rifle, is it possible to convert it to a spring type rather than have it on gas?
  6. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    I need some good advice, I have this gun about 5 months ago almost every day I use it for target shooting, like about 200-300 shots X day, and a few days ago I started shooting in full auto and besides spitting gas everywhere . I did a clean maintenance and continues with the same issue...
  7. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi, 5 month ago i buy the new WE tech cybergun desert eagle gas blowback, allways shoot well, but today after a couple of shots shoot in full auto if I hold the trigger back, i don't know if this is a comun issue on gbb pistol. Does anyone have the solution?
  8. Non-Sniper For Sale
    fully stock G18C. I stippled the grip myself and wrote in japanese "gun". Im selling it because i don't think i use it enough and need money. I would prefer payment on paypal and sale to Uk. Im asking £95 postage included images below
  9. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hey guys,i need a hammer sear and loading nozzle for my we xdm Does anyone know where in europe can i get those? I found a M&P nozzle i heard they were compatible with the xdm,can anyone confirm?
  10. HPA Systems
    So I recently purchased a Walther PPQ from VFC/ELITE FORCE and modded it so it shot fully auto matic. The only set back was that it blew through gas and, like very gas rifle/gbbp, i never knew when I was going to try and shoot and then be out of gas. This is a huge issue since being an airsoft...
  11. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi guys, I have a Y&P M9 Gas Non Blowback. I have been very happy with the gun up until recently. After I fill the mags and load them with BBs, the gun won't fire with any real pressure. It is acting like the mag is low on gas, or the gas canister is low. However I know both of these to be...
  12. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hey guys A while ago when I bought my sniper rifle, I made sure to get a sidearm with it. I bought a Y&P M9 Gas Non-Blowback. I love the pistol very much and have no complaints about it, I just recently have realized that I love the feel of blowback pistols. I have probably 3 main choices...
  13. Non-Sniper For Sale
    I have a kjw m9, comes with one mag. The fill O-ring popped off the mag, the gun shoots but the mag only Goes about 5 rounds. I'll take 60$ plus shipping. Also open to trades. Especially if you have any spare mags for a XDM. Pm me for pictures as I can't get them to load
  14. The Lounge
    I have a we xdm and the slide is stuck on the gun, it will shoot and cycle and function normally, except the hop up is off so I'm trying to get the slide off and it won't come off the way it is intended to. Won't come off. Mags out, pin is up, tried everything and I don't want to force it out...
  15. Non-Sniper For Sale
    I saw I just missed a kjw gbb shipped for 50$ and wanted to cry. But I'm wanting to buy a gbb. Preferably kjw. Qould also be interested in extra mags for it, a ghillie suit or other good sidearm. Thanks!
  16. Others
    Hello, I need help with a conversion. Any information will help. I've been wanting to get a GBB rifle, but I've been trying to find good information about directly feeding the gas through a tube into the gun with a Green Gas remote. I've learned that you need to modify your mag in order to do...
  17. Non-Sniper For Sale
    WTS G17/Plate Carrier I'll be joining the Navy soon ( just need to swear in and will be shipped off in 2 months at the earliest.) I'd like to sell everything I own before this, but I WILL NOT be quitting ANYTIME soon. I would just like to 'renew' my entire load out, guns gears, everything...
  18. Non-Sniper For Sale
    Hello everyone, I am parting from my G&P WOC SR-15 URX Shorty GBB. Pictures of the GBB rifle itself and its original WA 30rnd magazine: INCLUDED WITH SALE: Ra-Tech NPAS Plastic Nozzle and adjustment valve - MINT in blister (never used) SOLD SEPARATELY (included with good...
  19. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hey forum, so recently I've been looking around for some MP7s. I love the entire look and feel of it (I used to own the WELL version), and I can't seem to notice that there's no "in-between" with the MP7s. On one hand, you have the AEP MP7 (TM and WELL): a gun that's very compact and...
1-19 of 21 Results