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  1. For Sale Novritch Ssp1

    Non-Sniper For Sale
    Selling my Novritch ssp. Used for around a summer and then put it away. never actually took it to a field, but shot at targets in my backyard. Asking for 140$ firm. the orange tip is pretty beat up, and the plastic bottom to the mag is gone. all of these parts can be replaced from the official...
    $140 USD
  2. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    For example how you you carry ammo, foliage, mags Your gun etc I know this might be a repost, but its always fun to see what other people use and to share what you use. Also I know most of you don't like vests and use belts.
  3. General Sniper Talk
    My gun finally arrived at my local store I go there and pick up the Kjw excitedly open it everything's there head home. I already have a scope and heavy bbs I will hpa it soon. What else do you think I need to start my career thanks.
  4. Gallery
    I figured you guys would enjoy this. These are some really nice kills I have got from my scope cam that I compiled into one really fun video. There will be more kill cams and full games coming soon. Here is an enticing picture. Now the video: Airsoft Kill Cam Compilation - YouTube I hope you...
  5. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    So I'm putting together a sniper setup (I don't want to say loadout...cuz that's just not cool) and here's what I have so far: JG Bar 10 (upgrades: barrel spacers, Teflon mods, tdc mod, foam filled stock), leafy suit (w/ camo face mask), camo hiking boots. I'd like to get myself a nice...
  6. General Sniper Talk
    So after doing a lot of research on LRBs I have come up with a simple and effective way to do it. This way that I have done it is a combination of many different ways that i have seen and read people doing. In order to do this mod your inner barrel will have to stick our past the outer barrel...
  7. Longrange AEGs
    so I'm having some terrible performance out of my gun and was hoping I could get some tips and help on why it's shooting this bad. Its shots a very random and all over the place. It was shooting better before I installed the prommy barrel and new r-hop patch. I sanded the patch with 600 grit and...
  8. Longrange AEGs
    I have the aim top v2 gearbox and I am taking it apart to put in bushings and reshim. When I put the bushings in with no shims and a gear and close the gearbox, there is no side to side wobble at all because the bushings stick up higher. And the gear doesn't spin at all. But it works fine with...
  9. Longrange AEGs
    So I am possibly going to get the snow wolf m82 and i have picked out a bunch of parts and would like to have yall confirm that the parts will work right or give me advice on better parts. My goal is to get 550 fps with .2 1. Motor
1-9 of 9 Results