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hopup chamber

  1. Silverback SRS
    Hi there, good evening, I have bought my SRS A2 Covert a few weeks ago. I have tested it, out of the box, just to get my own feeling about it, and then I changed the spring a couple of times (to a PDI 500, and right now with a Silverback M160). A few days ago, I decided to go with the hop up...
  2. VSR Rifles
    So, what happend if i choose the stock chamber insted of any upgrade hopup chamber? Why is so important this parte, what kind of improvements has and how bad could be the stock hopup chamber, can i improve the i stock to?
  3. Others
    Hi, the screw that's hold in place the hop up chamber is lose, and the chamber wobbles, and i don't know if this will cause problems with the accuracy