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  1. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hi! Mike from TRIDOS.DESIGN here! I'm super proud to say that we've finally released the TDC 2.0 for the popular VSR10 Action Army chamber alongside the existing versions for SSG10 and SSG24. We've put a ton of effort in this design and while this is a very subjective opinion - I truly believe...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hello fellow snipers! Quick question: I have a Well mb4402, and was told it is a 100 percent Marui AWS clone. I need to upgrade the hop up, because the bbs fly left or right. I cannot find the stock aws hop up unit. Will the PDI AWS hop up unit work in this since it is a 100 percent clone?
  3. Others
    I was recently asked for a guide on how to make an m14 hopup for an SVD, so here goes. Originally, I had used a TM-styled metal m14 hopup in an HPA'ed spring KA SVD. I have no pictures of that, and I got rid of that SVD, so I will be re-creating it with a plastic m14 hopup (plastic is easier to...
1-3 of 3 Results