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  1. Bolt Action
    Airseal between nozzle and solenoid, when thumb is held on nozzle, air escapes from the solenoid or in between the solenoid and nozzle when firing
  2. For Sale
    Title says it. I have a stainless PDI inner barrel up for grabs. It’s 375mm long with a 6.01 bore. Very slight use, under 1k shots. It’s in great shape, like new and ready to drop in. $75 shipped in the US, free patch if you want one.
  3. For Sale
    I'm getting out of the sport and selling everything as-is. It hasn't been touched in 4 years, but it was all working well at the time. Maintenance may be required. I'm not looking to ship anything. I'll meet anyone half-way from Concord NH within reason. After September 5, I would have to...
  4. General Sniper Talk
    Awhile back I tinkered with the idea of a semi auto VSR-10. I’ve been out of the sport for awhile and busy with work, but recently a bad car crash has left me home bound so now I used this time to draft up a 3d model and have it printed through shapeways. Here’s the first prototype of the...
  5. Project Guns
    I've had a Wolverine BOLT for maybe 3 years now and I've always wanted more but never really was happy, so here is the journey of me making my own platform. My goals in this rifle are sound, accuracy, range, weight, ergonomics, and most of all, looking really awesome.
  6. HPA Systems
    Hello, I was hoping someone knew if the Wolverine Bolt System or Mancraft PDiK would fit in an Action Army T11. The compatibility list for the WBS doesn’t list it but perhaps someone may have tried and had some luck. I also wasn’t sure about the M-PDiK since it does have the Action Army T10...
  7. For Sale
    Hello everyone, just updated this thread yet again with a built hpa Vsr-10! Please take a look!! Message me with any picture requests, questions, or to negotiate!! 🍻 Hpa Vsr-10 with Wolverine Bolt (electronic) $650 shipped Kjw Mk1 Carbine lot-$175 Selling everything in the pic together...
  8. Semi-Auto
    hello, im trying to figure out what kythera nozzle will be compatible with the G2H gearbox of my tr16, can anyone help me?
  9. Bolt Action
    So, basically I want to buy SDiK for my dragunov, but i heard some negative opinions about it. I have read a lot of about this kit, but couldn't find anything about SVD one. So here is my question. Is SDiK better than spring tuning, and i want to notice, that in my field, max fps for sniper...
  10. Air Stripper

    It's an air stripper like for competition pellet rifles, it didn't end up being as good as I had hoped though.
  11. HPA Systems
    I got a Wolverine BoltM for my Well Mb03 (Vsr10)..... I Saw the video tutorial for install, etc. But some times my gun Stop Fire, and lock the bolt ! I cant push or pull the bolt and many times the air start to leak out ..... Anyone knows what is Wrong and how to fix ?
  12. General Sniper Talk
    Hey guys! I recently installed a G-spec barrel on my Wolverine Bolt set-up, and I'm only seeing a max of 2.91J with .45s. My site actually measures based on FPS, with a limit of 450 for snipers with .28g BBs. If I use .28s to measure, I'm only getting 2.08J, or exactly 400 FPS, 50FPS under the...
  13. For Sale
    Here is my beloved Wolverine Bolt VSR-10 sniper build, I am asking 470$ for this or a Silverback SRS in trade. I am in no rush to sell this. I will include a JST to deans adapter as well along with the stock q/d HPA fitting. If you are interested I will throw in the 13ci tank and reg setup shown...
  14. HPA Systems
    Hello, Does anybody have any experience converting an ASG AW.308 to a HPA system? If so can you give me some more information as I want to do this with my rifle. Thanks in advance.
  15. Bolt Action
    Hi guys, About half a year ago i decided to build my own JG bar-10 Gspec with the Wolverine Bolt+Wraith after getting advice here on the forum. Since i'm using Co2 cartridges i'm looking for more efficiency. Currently im running the following setup: JG Bar-10 Gspec AA hopup unit TDC mod Crazy...
  16. Bolt Action
    Hi guys, I'm currently planning a long-range build on the base of Maruzen's L96 and below is what it looks like at the moment. Would you mind taking a look at it? - Maruzen's L96 - Mancraft's SDIK - Ninja's LPR V2 HPA regulator - Action Army's Type 96 Hop Up unit - Orga Magnus Barrel for...
  17. Bolt Action
    Hey yall, Let's get right down to the issue: I was installing the Mancraft SDiK in my BAR-10, everything was normal and fine until I slid the PTC tube lock fitting onto the air line (that little red ringed brass fitting that prevents the brass tube from coming loose from the trigger...
  18. HPA Systems
    So bought a Box of Awesomeness from Evike a couple weeks ago. Ended up landing one of the Halo assault rifle replicas (CB-88) based off the MA5C from Halo 3 / ODST. First off, I love the look and weight of it (~10 lbs). The green LEDs and LCD round counter screen are nice touches too. But...
  19. Bolt Action
    Hi there, After lurking on this forum for quite some time i have finaly decided to make an account. After completing my AEG DMR, upgrading almost everything, i kinda miss building something. Thats why i have decided to build a TM VSR10 with the Wolverine Bolt and Wolverine CO2 Adapter. I do not...
1-20 of 55 Results