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  1. Bolt Action
    Hi everyone, Currently I have 3 inner barrels from Maple Leaf which are left from previous builds or bought but never used 🥲 1. ML crazy jet 6.04 550 mm 2. ML crazy jet 6.04 300 mm 3. ML 6.04 430 mm (simple barrel) What's your opinion on the best barrel length to use in combination with...
  2. General Sniper Talk
    Hi all, I'm pretty much new to airsoft sniper and I want to know why L96 APS could use inner barrel as long as 500mm while VSR mostly recommends up to only 430? VSR has bigger volume than L96 APS, which means logically VSR should be the one with the longer barrel. Does this has anything to do...
  3. For Sale
    Title says it. I have a stainless PDI inner barrel up for grabs. It’s 375mm long with a 6.01 bore. Very slight use, under 1k shots. It’s in great shape, like new and ready to drop in. $75 shipped in the US, free patch if you want one.
  4. Others
    For ares striker as-02 (and others strikers), due to its different cylinder that is shorter than normal cylinders: which lengths of inner barrels do you suggest? Short inner barrels reduce range and accuracy? Short inner barrel reduce joule in generally? I want to reduce the length of my...
  5. L96 Rifles
    Does anyone know what inner barrel type & length the Lancer Tactical LT-96D needs? I recently obtained one from a friend, but there is currently no inner barrel. Was hoping someone here could help me out.
  6. Non-Sniper For Sale
    I have two VSR 10 inner barrels I need to get rid of. One is a Maple Leaf crazy jet 300mm inner barrel. This is the newer version so it is lined with a really strong finish, sorry I do not know the exact name. Asking $45 through Paypal we can negotiate fees/shipping. Next I have an Action Army...
  7. VSR Rifles
    i have the tm vsr 10 and so far and im looking to upgrade a few parts. i have found the ACTION ARMY D01-024 VSR-10 6.01 Precision Inner Barrel 430mm, Action Army Hop Unit VSR-10 and the Maple Leaf MR Hop Up Bucking 70°, will these all fit together? I already have the action army trigger set and...
  8. VSR Rifles
    Hi, i have a Gspec and have upgraded with a "action army vsr 10 90 degree s trigger set" and also a M150 spring. I want more range on my sniper as i still can only use .25 with my sniper as i dont get enough lift or range with the heavier bbs. i want to use .3 - .35 and ive been told the only...
  9. Air Stripper

    It's an air stripper like for competition pellet rifles, it didn't end up being as good as I had hoped though.
  10. VSR Rifles
    Hello, i am running a PDI BoreUp Cylinder with a PDI Hop Up Chamber, but i am unsure which barrel would be the best for this setup. I´ve read that, because of the cylinder volume of the bore up, i should use a inner barrel above 500mm - so i found a PDI 6.08 500mm inner barrel , would that...
  11. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    I think this barrel is new in the market, I wanna know if someone has tested one
  12. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi guys I have this upgrade in mind, I want to extend the inner barrel of my glock17 and I need to hide the barrel with the compensator, But which one is the best option, the one is attached to the lower raíl?, or the one is attached directly to the outer barrel?
  13. VSR Rifles
    Hi everyone, im planning to get a jg gspec since i've seen a good offer on a site. I'm planning to replace the cylinder, hop up chamber, piston, trigger etc... but i want to know if is it possible to use a 430mm inner barrel, since I already have a mapleleaf crazy jet, and i dont want to get a...
  14. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hi, i know this idea cross in your heads once, and maybe this idea may need another check: What i'm thinking is that the barrel has to have a straight rifling with a inner diameter of 6.0 wide, then for those small spaces, the air will pass through cushioning the path of the bb, but those...
  15. VSR Rifles
    Hi, i want to upgrade my rifle but i only need a 517mm inner barrel and i found a 555mm 6.03 laylax barrel, so i need to cut it to a 517 mm length. This could be a good idea?
  16. General Sniper Talk
    Hey Guys i just want your input on what inner barrel should i get, i was thinking a 6.04 maple leaf crazy jet inner barrel, or a 6.03 (both 430MM) laylax, not too sure which one to get but i though i'd ask here since you guys know a lot more than i do :) Thanks
  17. VSR Rifles
    Hi, any of you have experience or knowledge of this vsr10 barrel?: Sealairsoft this will be a good purchase?. This web could be a good site?
  18. VSR Rifles
    Like the title says, Ive actually already had a bit of a look around asking both on facebook and Pm'ing some of those who I know, know a fair bit about Airsoft teching, you know who you are. :shot: Well Im still here looking for a bit more than EDGI will have the better bore quality and will...
  19. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    I have tried a couple of inner barrels over the last few weeks, the first one being a mad bull 6.01mm which wasn't to great and wasn't giving me a consistent shot and I wasn't happy with it. I am now using a modify 6.01mm which is a improvement on the mad bull but shit not perfect but is a...
  20. Sidearms, Optics, Gear, and Accessories
    Hi, So i'm finally getting all my gear today. Well MB01 with a few upgrades and mods ready for when it arrives. Also I am getting my TM MK23. I have a new inner barrel for my sniper which i will polish then clean before putting into the gun. My question however is that I have heard that you...
1-20 of 38 Results