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  1. VSR Rifles
    Hey all, Couldn't find a similar issue on the forums so wanted to post up this issue to see if anyone has experienced it before. I recently disassembled my VSR-10 for cleaning and when re-assembling I'm having issues getting the piston back into the cylinder (super weird). It looks as...
  2. VSR Rifles
    I took my VSR to a skirmish today and I had trouble right from the start. It started to jam every few shots while I was trying to set the hop, and eventually it jammed every shot. The only time this happened previously was when I tried 0.40 bbs and it jammed so often that I decided to go with...
  3. Others
    Hi I already used the search bar and found some posts but I haven't found any that has the same problem with mine. If anyone knows a thread that involves the exact same problem I have PLEASE link me it. After purchasing my MB01 L96 it finally came in and I used it. I ran into one of the worst...
1-3 of 3 Results