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    Hello ya'll Today I went out to do some target shooting to sight in a new Nc star 3x9x40 scope. No windage, it was a calm cool afternoon. As I started to put rounds down range and sightin' in my scope, I noticed my hop up arm on the side of the barrel was moving back and forth as I pulled the...
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    Hi, I bought an m24 along with the echo 1 asr upgrade kit. I was told it was the same as the UTG upgrade kit which was APS2 compatible. I swapped the stock parts for the new and encountered a problem. The gun starts to slam fire, I suspect because the trigger sear is not engaging the piston...
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    Hey guys Tex here again. I was just looking for a little advice on upgrading my Javelin M24. I have already installed upgrades such as Piston,Piston head, Upgraded Spring, and tried to install a steel/heat treated trigger and piston sear but they didn't fit. All of these parts are Angel Custom...
1-3 of 3 Results