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  1. Concealment
    I'm looking to make a ghillie suit for the north Texas area, and was looking for advise for the color of strings i should use. Right now i am leaning towards a tan base with mainly dry grass string with some olive and brown thrown in. Also on a side note was considering using twine as filler due...
  2. Concealment
    I found this video informative and helpful. This guy is a former marine sniper. Mail Call Mondays Season 2 #48 - Marine Sniper Ghillie Suit Overview - YouTube
  3. Concealment
    Hi, I'm currently building my ghillie suit. I am at the stage of stranding jute to separate for dyeing, my problem is I don't know how much jute i require for a full suit. (Boonie, jacket and trousers). I want to do all the dye at once to ensure I get even shades. I have 6 square metres...
1-3 of 3 Results