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    I was recently asked for a guide on how to make an m14 hopup for an SVD, so here goes. Originally, I had used a TM-styled metal m14 hopup in an HPA'ed spring KA SVD. I have no pictures of that, and I got rid of that SVD, so I will be re-creating it with a plastic m14 hopup (plastic is easier to...
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    Alright, here goes. I have a KA SVD, I've had it about three years, and for the first year and a half, it preformed spectacularly, 2' spread at 200, but recently, it has seriously declined. Now i'm getting about a 12' spread (yes, 12) at 150 ft. It should be noted, I have a 550mm 6.01, Reaps...
1-2 of 2 Results