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  1. L96 Rifles
    I have discovered that my airseal on the rifle is terrible and I have no idea of to get a better seal. Any fixes are appreciated 😁
  2. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hi all im new to airsoft sniping, done hunting with air rifles and that sort of thing, but to me airsoft sniping is a different ball game. i was wondering what spring you recommend putting in the sniper its a L96 clone AGM 002 and I'm wanting better accuracy and fps increase. if i was to upgrade...
  3. General Sniper Talk
    hey i just want some opinions/help on a build im working on currently: mancraft sdik @100psi shooting ~500fps with a .2g AA hop up chamber ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ g&g green bucking maple leaf nub AA 510mm barrel I just want some help where to go from here with the bottom 3 items, I do not feel...
  4. Others
    Hello, I own a well l96, and I have installed some upgrades but I am not getting the desired results. I switched out the stock barrel and hopup for a 6.03 PDI tightbore and a PDI hopup. I've taped the stock spacers in place, so they don't move up and down the barrel. I am able to hit a man-sized...
1-4 of 4 Results