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  1. AWS/AW338
    Hey I'm new to the sport of airsoft, and I have a couple questions. I have a completely stock TM L96 AWS and I want to know if I could upgrade it to shoot at 500 FPS without it wrecking any other stock parts? Is it okay to just get a 500 FPS spring or would that be really hard on the gun if...
  2. AWS/AW338
    Hi, I have purchased my Tokyo Marui AWS L96 a few weeks back and the stock FPS is 270 - 285 fps. I want to upgrade it up to 330-340fps as that is the limit on all the fields nearby. The problem is an upgrade that low is hard to find and I am getting really frustrated by it. I dont know if the...
  3. Others
    Hi Guys! Soon I will be upgrading my Well warrior L96a1 MBO1 rifle. But I'm not sure what upgrades to get as I've never done it before, obviously I understand the basic concepts and what each thing does, I'd just like to know what you guys think I should get to be a good sniper. My Budget is...
1-3 of 3 Results