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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hi my name is Casey, I'm from the uk and have wanted to get into airsoft for quite some time now. I recently purchased a Double Eagle M57A l96A1 sniper rifle and am not sure where to go from here. (please excuse any clearly nooby questions ahead). Unfortunately as i have had little to no...
  2. Type96
    So now that I have finished the modification to my gun, I made sure to document it so that other lefties will be able do it as well. The tools that you need to have access to are: A vice A drill press with a half inch drill bit and a drill press vice A high power dremel tool for cutting A...
  3. Others
    Hello Guys. First of all, I'm from Brazil so, english ain't my native language, therefore, you must forgive some mistake I may make. Well, that said, I've just bought a Cybergun L96 AWS. Ya, ya, ya.... I know it ain't the "real deal" but still is a nice piece of weapon. Let's cut to the...
  4. Gallery
    Here's most of my collection with an exception of a few that aren't rifles. I've done most of the DIY mods to almost all of them with the exception of the Kar98 and Winchester. DMR: Custom Mk12 SPR Mod0 550fps w/ .20's Matrix m4 Upper & Lower Receivers, Dboys Mk12 SPR Mod0 Front End Assembly...
  5. Maruzen Rifles
    Well im new to the sniper world and am learning as i go. I need help building the best L96 Maruzen spring rifle which i define as great distance and accuracy. I need help building the list of all the parts i need which i have an idea of what i need for the most part but would like experienced...
  6. Others
    Hi all, I found this on youtube and thought I would share.
  7. For Sale
    Hello folks, here's the deal. Spring's commin' and it's time to get softin' . I upgraded an UTG mk96 with every part you'd want but every day wish it was a vsr-10. Something about the l96 style I hate. Any way the rifle will come with the following parts: Utg shadow ops rifle- 180$ PDI v...
  8. General Sniper Talk
    I need to upgrade my L96 barrel. I can't really afford the PDI at the moment, and am looking for other solid options. For prommy, I'm told the 6.03 stainless steel is awesome. I just found a prommy 6.05 ash for very cheap. Does anyone know how ash compares to stainless steel?
101-108 of 108 Results