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  1. General Sniper Talk
    Hello there, due to the title I'm guessing you know what rifle I have. I would love to be able to convert the bolt to the left. I have read about the Maple Leaf conversion kit but I'm weary of buying one in case it doesn't suit. Do any of you have experiences that you could share? I think the...
  2. Others
    Hi, I've recently acquired an ares striker as-01 and was wondering if anybody knows of a manufacturer of a left-handed bolt conversion or if a vsr lefty bolt would be compatible. thanks.
  3. Rifles & Parts Reviews
    Hello everyone I am new to the airsoft sniping community I recently purchased a JG Bar 10 as my first Sniper Rifle I was curious if anyone knew if there are any after market parts to change the bolt to the left side of the rifle its very difficult for me to cycle the bolt without making much...
  4. Type96
    So now that I have finished the modification to my gun, I made sure to document it so that other lefties will be able do it as well. The tools that you need to have access to are: A vice A drill press with a half inch drill bit and a drill press vice A high power dremel tool for cutting A...
1-4 of 4 Results