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  1. Longrange AEGs
    Hey guys, I'm new to airsoft, just bought a Krytac CRB. Love the gun, just a couple little things I need help with. My ultimate gole is to make it a DMR style gun. - Video of internals. 1 - My BB's were shooting off to the right after about 15 yrds. So I went to Airsoft extreme, and the guys...
  2. Longrange AEGs
    In my travels across the internet, I have found numerous ways people break in/prepare their new buckings. This ranged from pumping 500 rounds through it, to washing it in dish soap (which I think might have the most merit), and even sanding the inner walls of the bucking with 500 grit sandpaper...
  3. Longrange AEGs
    I'm buying the Matrix Custom Full Metal SR-25 Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle to convert it into a DMR. I'm looking for some feedback on the effectiveness and compatibility of the upgrades linked below. 1. Matrix L85 / SR25 Type CNC Aluminum Steel Strip Piston & Piston Head Set 2. Full Metal SR25...
1-3 of 3 Results