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  1. Longrange AEGs
    I have been wanting to make a full-fledged DMR for a while now, however, until now I was lacking the funds and time. Now that I have the money, I was wondering if I should get the Classic Army M14 EBR, or the A&K SR-25. Here are (as I see), the pros and cons of each: CA M14 EBR: Pros: -High...
  2. New Member Introductions & Tips
    Hey new here to the forums but not marksmanship, just started with a classic army m14 ebr, slowly making my way through the gun with upgrades. any tips or tricks are welcome.
  3. Longrange AEGs
    Hey guys, I am an (excited yet nervous) new owner of an M14 ebr and am having some slight problems with it as of now. My plan is to get it into a decent DMR platform. Ive got the internals pretty much done, and am now working on making it semi-only. I bought it from a user here on the forums...
1-3 of 3 Results